Overcome the World

Tomorrow is a packed day at Calvary Assembly of God.  The Burning Youth Church is going to be involved by doing a drama presentation and preaching in all three services.  Our theme is Overcome the World.  We are praying that unbelievers will come to know the power of Jesus Christ to save them from their sins and the power to overcome the world.  We are praying believers see the power of Christ is helping them overcome the world.  But why?  Not to just to overcome for our own sake, but to be used by God to help other’s overcome this world too!  Please pray before and while you are there!

Our students are headed to Orlando, Florida for the Fine Arts and National Youth Convention.  Each student has a balance of about $400.00.  They’re main purpose is to present their human video/drama live in front of judges.  However, spiritually, their main purpose is to grow in Christ through each worship service that is held every night.  We believe and have confidence that God will radically work in the lives of these students at the convention.  We need the support of our family and friends, in and out of church.

Please consider helping us fund this trip and consider how much you could give.  If you would like to donate to our spiritual investment please email me at rcoon@calvarydover.org so I can point you in the right direction.

Thank you Calvary and followers of this website.


Pastor Ryan 🙂

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