God Rubs Off On You

I was recently talking to a Christian friend of mine who is intentionally trying to influence his family with the character of Christ.  He told me how he is introducing God into the family, but he is discouraged by the progress, or lack there of.  “Is it enough, is it working, do I even come across right or even credible because I make mistakes?”  These are some of the things he was saying, in my own words.  I think about this too.  I wonder if what I am doing is working.  I listened for a while and then I gave him my two cents.  If you hang out with God through prayer and reading and applying the Bible, God is rubbing off on you. You’ve said it before, “Hey, you’ve been rubbing off on my kids uncle Jack!”  People’s personalities, their good side and yes, even their bad side rub off on us.  So if this is true with just a week with family or friends, can you imagine months, years or decades of spending quality time with God?  There’s no doubt, a relationship through Jesus Christ and time in His Word and prayer is going to affect you.  And think about the characteristics of God, which we should look to Jesus or the fruit of the Spirit. God is loving (He is love), kind, courageous, wise, forgiving, patient, gentle, good, faithful and the list goes on.  If God can rub off on us with such great qualities then surely they will be seen by all who are close, even strangers.  And not only will they be seen, but they will be felt.  When we demonstrate the love of God through our love it affects people in a powerful way.

I love what Luke recorded in Acts 4:13 “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”  How cool is that?!  They resembled Jesus!

Ah yes! God does rub off on us and knowing this I ask the question, “Who wouldn’t want to be with God or have His Spirit in them?”  I must say, God isn’t to be used as a life improvement program, that’s not what I am advocating.  I am speaking of those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are following Him.  Not only does God’s Spirit dwell in you, but time learning and being with Him helps you grow.

If we are not letting God rub off on us than what is? And what are family, friends and strangers seeing in us? Perhaps we rub off onto them our sinful nature more than our Godly nature, the Holy Spirit. (Definitely read Galatians 5).

If this is you too, then keep spending time with God.  Intentionally be the man or woman of God His word is directing you to be.  God is influencing us so we can influence all who are around.   Now, let God rub off on you and onto others.


Pastor Ryan

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