Making Disciples, Starting at Home-Part 1

I’m the cook in my home, but my mom never purposely trained me to cook.  I picked up cooking from watching my mom.  There were times when in the middle of our discussion on school, girls or youth group she would  ask, “Can you turn the heat down to medium? I don’t want it to burn, I just want a good sear on each side.”  And then we continued our prior discussion.  Here’s the crazy part, I find myself remembering these little things she taught me and I am using them to cook for my family.  During the summer months I watched my father grill.  My dad would tell me why he’s flipping the meat, why he waits to put sauce on at a certain time and what heat works best for particular meats.  Sometimes, my dad and I just talked about life and never talked cooking.  Nevertheless, I was watching what he was doing and have brought his techniques into my grilling.  In the same way, my parent’s were either intentionally or unintentionally teaching me Jesus and things about the Christian faith because they simply lived it themselves.

The goal isn’t to make cooks or the next grillmaster, the goal is to make disciples.  So how do we make disciples out of our kids?

First, we have to cook.  In other words, we have to worship God.  When we worship God with our entire lives we teach our kids to do the same.  Our kids are picking up how we speak and live.  I knew who my parents loved God.  How did I know?  “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).  I watched them love God with their lives as a living sacrifice to Him (Romans 12:1).  My father and mother both taught me how to follow Jesus with their words and their lives.

Second, we need to be around.  This point is simple yet it blows even my mind. How did I pick up cooking and christianity?  Simply put, my parent’s were around and wanted to be around me.  The simple fact that my parents were at home when I was home after school was another opportunity for discussion and observation.  When my parents came home late they made time to process their day and my day with me.  This is the time where I was learning how to cook and didn’t even realize it.  In these moments, I was also learning what it means to love and follow Jesus!

We overlook the little things that teach.  I picked up things from my parents that they didn’t even plan to pass down.  Imagine what we could do if we intentionally taught Jesus in our homes.

With love,

Pastor Ryan

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