Jesus-Centered Parenting

God’s transformation of believers has a blueprint and the plans will produce a people like His Son, Jesus Christ.  Paul says it this way in Romans 8:29 (NLT) “For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son…”

Every LEGO set comes with an instruction manual to help my son and I build the picture on the box. God sees us in pieces and through salvation He begins to put us together while looking at His Son.

Therefore, since God is molding and shaping us into His Son, our parenting should reflect characteristics of Christ. God shapes us to be like His Son through an array of experiences, especially, in parenting!  My Friend and fellow Pastor calls this the, “Crucible of Parenthood”.  In these building moments our behavior and practices are tested and a decision is warranted.  It is our duty to follow the way Jesus would respond in the various situations that arise.  This responsibility to do what Christ would do does not come easy. Praying for wisdom, strength and whatever trait you need is imperative.  The only thing left to do is act accordingly.

So, Christ is humble (Philippians 2) and maybe you recently made a mistake around your child. Humility may not be one of your strengths, but it is for Jesus! God is working on you, molding and conforming you in this moment of failure.  Do you pray for humility?  And do you act with humility by apologizing and correcting the damage?  This is one of many ways we practice Jesus-Centered Parenting.

Jesus is someone you want your kids to see and they are better off with Christ in and working through us.  Parent from your own relationship with Christ and let Christ determine how you parent. Live and speak a life that you compare to the life of Christ on the pages of His Word.

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