What Is A Breakthrough?

Speaking in the context of Christianity, what is a breakthrough?

One definition can be: A Breakthrough is a deliverance from something that has shackled or kept us from thriving towards God and His intended will for our lives.  Breakthroughs happen because God’s will for your life is to be conformed to the image of Christ, to overcome sin and death through a life in Christ!

When I think of breakthroughs I think of the empty tomb; I think, victory over death. The tombstone was removed because life was inside a place that exists only for dead people. That is a breakthrough.

I think of the cross of Christ. There was no way to fix the damage that sin had caused, but Jesus made it possible with His life as a sacrifice for us. That is a breakthrough.

I think of the manger. Around 400 years there was silence, until baby Jesus came into the world. God came to earth in human form to begin his salvation mission. That’s a breakthrough.

I think of sinners in the gospel books of Jesus. Sinners were outcasts to the religious leaders of that day. Jesus broke through the walls and shortened the distance between God and sinners. Jesus ate and fellowshipped with sinners. Jesus broke through with love and changed these people forever, including you and I. Case and point: Zacchaeus. He was, as tax collectors were known, collecting more than necessary to get rich. He was despicable to his own people. After meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus says, “I will give half my wealth to the poor, Lord, and if I have cheated people on their taxes, I will give them back four times as much!” (Luke 18:8) That is a breakthrough!

I think of the harmony and unity of people and relationships. When there is discord, division and unresolved conflict met with the love Jesus commanded and exemplified, we see pride fall and love build bridges again. When two people drop their pride and come together to repair brokenness, that is a breakthrough!

I think of people who have been hurt by friends, family and churches. When people come to the point where they forgive, they are set free from that torment and healing can thrive. That is a breakthrough!

What’s a breakthrough to you?

What breakthroughs have you experienced and are praying will take place in your life?

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