9 years ago we began fall retreats to get away with our teens and help them have an encounter with God. Every year students say it is their favorite trip and the memories made, last for a life time. During our retreats we come together to worship, pray and dig deeper into the Bible. Fall retreat focuses on spiritual maturity. This year we are focusing on the area of prayer in the Christian life.

We have booked the Valley Forge Christian Conference Center for November 18th-20th. The cost for transportation, lodging and two breakfast’s is $85.00.  We suggest an additional $40.00 for food. We will be visiting the King of Prussia mall in case your youth has money saved up for shopping.

Departure from church is November 18th at 1:00pm. We realize this is during school, but in order to get the full experience we need to arrive at the center by 3pm. In past experience parents have not had a problem signing their youth out early from school. We appreciate your flexibility with our time constraints.

We will return Sunday at 3:00pm.

If you have any questions please contact Brandon Pyne or Pastor Ryan at bpyne@calvarydover.org or rcoon@calvarydover.org


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